L2: 8 Most Innovative Digital Programs in Prestige: #8 Kate Spade

L2, authors of the Digital IQ Index®, count down 2011’s most innovative programs from prestige brands across all digital media—site, social media, mobile, and digital advertising.

Founded in 1993, Kate Spade demonstrates that digital provides an opportunity to level the playing field, competing toe-to-toe with iconic luxury fashion brands who boast longer heritages and bigger budgets.

Threading the needle between branded content and smart online commerce, Kate Spade delights across digital channels.

The brand’s site boasts strong merchandising and social sharing, while keeping customers on a path to purchase.

Tactics such as auto-generated abandoned cart emails are on-brand while incentivizing customers to return to the site by offering free shipping.

Kate Spade has also been one of the first in fashion to experiment with the emerging platforms Tumblr and Instagram, shining a bright light on the brand’s New York roots.

Kate Spade’s rise is particularly impressive considering the heavyweights with whom it competes. Using monthly global searches on Google as a proxy for size and brand equity, Kate Spade is a tenth of the size of its fashion peers.

However, focusing on content AND commerce, as well as on ROI-driven investments across platforms, fashion newcomer Kate Spade is able to punch above its weight class to achieve digital Genius.


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