L2 Prestige 100®: Digital IQ Index: Fashion

Authored by L2, The Digital IQ Index®: Fashion study ranks the digital competence of 49 brands across four dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile. Brand efforts were measured against more than 350 data points and classified into five categories: Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged, or Feeble.

“From live streams to runway shows to an arms race on social media platforms,
brands are seeking the halo of innovation that comes from inspired online programming. However, most fashion brands still approach digital as a series of pet
projects rather than presenting a coherent multi-platform strategy. Although 94 percent of brands in the Index have a presence on Facebook, one in five still lacks e-commerce capability.”
—Scott Galloway

TOP 10:

1. Burberry

2. Kate Spade

3. Coach (tie)

3. Gucci (tie)

5. Dolce & Gabbana (tie)

5. Tory Burch (tie)

7. Ralph Lauren 

8. Hugo Boss (tie)

9. Louis Vuitton (tie)

10. Michael Kors 


  • Burberry Nabs the Top Spot: Burberry’s frequently cited strength in social was buttressed by its global site relaunch, securing high e-commerce and m-commerce scores. The brand continues to innovate across social platforms, including a recent livestream Tweet-Walk, and has extended its fan acquisition strategy to emerging platforms (in addition to coming in #1 in Facebook fans, Burberry is #2 on Twitter, #1 in YouTube Uploaded views, and #1 in Instagram Followers).
  • Index Newcomer Kate Spade #2: Blending smart e-commerce tactics with a strong social and mobile presence, Kate Spade outpaces the majority of industry icons, suggesting heritage is not as important in this medium.
  • Hubris Infects Icons: No longer able to lean on brand equity alone, Chanel and Christian Dior registered Average IQs – still not selling their fashion merchandise online. Meanwhile, having not kept pace with their peers, Hermes and Prada have plummeted from Gifted in 2009 to Challenged in 2011. Prada still does not maintain any official social media presence while Hermes, an early site innovator, has done considerably little this year.
  • Red White & Digital: Ten of the top 15 brands in the Index call the U.S. home, increasing from six in 2010. On average, brands headquartered in the U.S. boast a higher Digital IQ (108) than their European counterparts. Brands headquartered in luxury’s capital (France) trail, registering an average IQ of just 92. Louis Vuitton is the lone French representative in the Top 15.
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