Seamless Journey: Apple makes magic happen when you walk into its store

TNW notes: Here is what happens when you walk into an Apple store with its “Apple Store” app running.

That is cool, and it looks like the app knows exactly what store you’ve walked into, what workshops are coming up, lets you ask for help, tells you how many people are in line ahead of you, and gives you the opportunity to set up a Genius appointment for your Apple devices.

appstore 520x780 Apple makes magic happen when you walk into its store


Of course you will need the Apple Store application running for this to work, but with a simple check of your location when you run it, the app can deliver unique results no matter which Apple Store you are in throughout the world.

Whilst Apple hasn’t built-out its portfolio of location-based services just yet, the company took big strides with the release of iOS 5, incorporating more specific location services in its applications. The new Reminders app, for example, can be set to remind you of a task you need to perform by tagging the location and asking whether you should be notified if you are entering or leaving that position.

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